The 2p Tables

June 22, 2018

The client for this project had her heart set on including two large bar height tables with tops covered in 2p coins.


Between the two tables there is approximately £70 in two-pence pieces!


After numerous experiments involving, wire wool, huge buckets of cheap cola and various other chemicals we soon found that the only way to clean the coins without taking an age was going to be with a grinder after gluing them down.


The video shows how we managed to lay them all out and then flip the whole lot into a bed of tile adhesive on the table top, this was the only way we were able to lay the coins out without taking a great deal of time to place them individually. The method worked really well and we were then able to grout in between them with black grout and cover them with toughened glass. The end result was really striking and the customer was delighted.