We use simple, striking materials with natural finishes, which means furniture with durability and a timeless aesthetic.


We take great care in selecting materials for our work, both reclaimed and new, making sure we know our customer’s requirements and understand the specific style they intend to create.



Laser Cut Steel

We use a range of thicknesses depending on the piece being made. Usually finishing indoor work with wax with has a more natural finish, but can also offer a hard-wearing matt lacquer.


Powder Coated Metal

We can powder coat any of our steel or copper work which is a hard wearing paint system that comes in a wide variety of colours, including silver and gold effects.


Copper Pipe

We take great care in the finish of our copper pipe work ensuring our joints are invisible as well as being reinforced for safety. Copper pipe will oxidise and turn a dark brown over time. This will happen very slowly as no water is running through the pipe, often looking relatively unchanged even years after installation.

We supply our units with wire wool so that the pipework can easily brought back to a shine if desired.


Aged Copper

We can create an aged / green patina effect on any of our copper pipe units using a chemical treatment. When finished we apply a wax to the surface allowing it to stay stable and unchanged indefinitely.


Gas Pipe

Gas pipe is a traditional material with threaded fittings for both gas and high pressure water systems. These attractive cast steel fittings are available in sizes of ¼ inch up to 6 inches.

Most of our work can be made using a wide variety of pipe thicknesses depending on the desired aesthetic. For our larger sized pipe units we drill out the fittings creating a more attractive ‘invisible’ joint with the pipe.

Gas pipe and bare steel, similarly to laser cut steel above, can be finished invisibly or coated in a huge range of colours depending on the application and style required.


Reclaimed Wood

Much of the wood we use for our work is reclaimed scaffold board. As well as being a waste product and hence an ethical choice, it has a well weathered finish on all four sides giving it plenty of character, with defects adding to the uniqueness of the pieces.


We take a great deal of care in selecting and finishing our wood, often using multiple staining techniques and a lengthy sanding and finishing process. We also use various other weathered timbers such as reclaimed Victorian floorboards, stud wall and joist material, character oak etc. The photo [below, to the right?] shows Victorian floorboard, Victorian studs and scaffold board used together to create a bench seat.

Large reclaimed beams can also be sawn to create planks and boards of varying sizes, This type of material is often a higher quality than newly bought timber with softwoods having a much tighter grain than today’s faster grown timbers. This type of wood being ‘re-sawn’ is more uniform, cleaner and easier to work with than weathered wood, however, some character may still be visible from bolt and nail holes in the original beam.