Installation for Chicama restaurant, London

July 20, 2016

Our installation work for Chicama, a restaurant in London, went very smoothly including the installation of a 7 metre-long shelving unit, suspended above their main bar and service counter.

The shelving unit accommodated cabling and concealed fittings for lighting. We worked with their project management team to design shelving throughout the property that was simple, striking and in keeping with their aesthetic.

Part of the project involved a 3.5m long table for staff use and as part of an events space next to their kitchen. The design was an interesting one as the table top needed to be brought in through a small cellar hatch and as such, was built in two sections. The aim was to ensure ease of delivery and ensure minimal labour on site, due to limitations in time and a desire to reduce costs for our client.

The project also involved a bespoke copper handrail for their staircase, incorporating laser-cut copper backing plates and brass fittings.