Installation & Assembly

For some of our larger items we recommend assembly and installation by a competent tradesperson.

For advice or more information, please feel free to contact us.

Installing A Wall Mounted Copper Pipe Shelving Unit

Please be aware that our larger wall mounted units are heavy and it is essential that they are installed correctly and by a competent individual. 2 people are also needed to ensure safe installation. Instructions and all necessary fixings are supplied with the unit. For advice on load bearing of our units or to discuss what wall type you plan to fix to and find out what we recommend please contact us.

download a PDF of the instructions

Assembling A Dining Table

Assembly of our dining tables is very simple as can be seen in the video.
For safe assembly, two people are needed.

Maintaining Wood With A Wax Finish

The wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth making sure not to soak the wood. A stiff brush or old toothbrush can be used to remove any dirt or debris from cracks in weathered wood. Over time further coats of wax can be applied. We recommend ‘Clear Colron Finishing Wax’ due to its ease of application over pure bee’s wax and other waxes. If the wood becomes seriously damaged for any reason the wax can be stripped using a chemical product and then the wood sanded down again before applying a finish.

Maintaining Wood With A Varnished Finish

The wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth making sure not to soak the wood. Some cleaning agents and chemical can also be used on the surface, but we recommend testing these first in a hidden area.

Maintaining Copper

Bare copper can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Grease, water and chemical agents are the main causes of oxidation / darkening of the copper, so keep it dry and avoiding handling the copper with bare hands. During installation, gloves can be worn to minimise this. Avoid the use of any cleaning chemicals on the bare copper.

Although many people prefer the darker weathered look of oxidised copper, if required it can easily be brought back to a shine by cleaning with wire wool, which is supplied with our units.

We recommend grade ‘0’ wire wool, although coarser grades can also be used, finishing with grade ‘0’.

‘Brasso’ or ‘Peek’ metal polishes will also create a nice polished finish although slightly different to the ‘brushed’ effect that the surface will have when supplied.