Rails Of Sheffield

A complete design and renovation project for Rails of Sheffield, one of the biggest suppliers of model trains in Europe. Rails are a long established local business that wanted to update their high street shop creating a showroom / visitors attraction for some of their products including many rare and valuable items that they’ve collected over the years.

To meet their need for something really striking and interesting we were able to really go to town on the interior design work and create something truly unique. The shop contains two overhead steel bridges including a suspension bridge with a 4m span, many metres of suspended traditional yorkshire dry stone wall, over 30 bespoke cabinets made from laser cut steel and glass and four full size train buffers turned into stools in the middle of the shop.

To create a continuous style and theme for the steel work we designed an arch bracket containing a circular motif and repeated this throughout the shop, replicating the feel of ironwork in an old Victorian station.

With three tunnels, a styled mountain scene with miniature climbers and campers, over 500m of LED strip light, a large reclaimed snooker table slate counter and over 150m of model rail track, the complexity of the job was immense. Both the Client and ourselves were delighted to see the finished product come to life.


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