Olive and Vine, Sheffield

Olive and Vine Wines, a renovation of a warehouse in Sheffield. The brief was to turn a small empty warehouse into a space for displaying and storing a large volume of wine as well as entertaining clients, with a bar, kitchen and enough space to hold pop-up restaurants. The shop / restaurant design was intended to allow for a large amount of concealed storage as well as a flexible space for entertaining and selling.

All of the bespoke shop shelving was made with traditional steel gas pipe. It was made to be completely adjustable with a single allen key, allowing for versatility in future and the possibility of adding or taking away shelving as needed. One of the highlights of the job was designing the decorative steel light fittings to include the ‘O&V’ brand, which could then be repeated throughout the work and used to help create the atmospheric wine cellar feel that we were aiming for.


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