Bespoke personalised wedding bar with steel hanging signs
Reclaimed pine table topBespoke personalised wedding bar with steel hanging signsBespoke personalised wedding bar with steel hanging signsBespoke personalised wedding bar with steel hanging signsBespoke personalised wedding bar with steel hanging signsBespoke personalised wedding bar with steel hanging signs

Event bar/display stand


Depth 88 cm x Width 190 cm x Height 200 cm


A bar/display stand perfect for weddings, markets, shops and any public events. Handmade from reclaimed wood and steel gas pipe. This industrial, vintage style item is available in a number of styles, colours and finishes allowing you to create the look you desire for your business or event. See below for more information and our recommendations.


The table displayed has a 1.5 inch pipe frame base and a 1 inch pipe display frame above with ‘light pine’ stained wood and a ‘clear wax’ finish. When selecting the pipe thickness below this refers to the base frame only and the display frame on top of the table will be sold as 1 inch pipe. Prices do not include a personalised sign as shown in some photos


changing the thickness of the pipe will alter the price. However, all colours and finishes are available for the same price.


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Everything on our website can be made to the size and style that suites your home or business best. Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Each item of furniture is handmade to order and will be dispatched in 2-4 weeks.  The prices displayed for this item do not include a personalised sign on the front of the bar. This item is supplied with 5 steel plates and wire to be used as small signs suspended from the hooks as can be seen in the product photo.

The frame for this item can be very quickly and easily dismantled and separated for storage or transport making it an ideal piece for market stalls, weddings and other public events. It must be assembled after delivery and all necessary instructions and fixings are supplied. Assembly is very simple and requires no skill or expertise, although it may require 2 people due to the weight of the item. Click here for information on assembling and maintaining your furniture.

An ideal item to use with a personalised sign displaying your brand or logo or a couples names and wedding date. Any digital image you supply can be used as a template to carve from the wood using a CNC router. See our signs and display boards for further information.

Please note that due to the nature of using reclaimed materials each piece of furniture is totally unique in its appearance and although similar, it will not look identical to any that are displayed on our website. The dimensions of the top may also vary by a very small amount (usually only 1-2 cm across its width). When selecting materials we take great care and ensure that only if we feel totally satisfied with the end product will we allow it to leave our workshop.

Click here for information on our Colours and Finishes and to find out what we recommend. Selecting a colour or a finish will not effect the price of the item. Choosing a different frame thickness, however, will affect the price and for this item the selection will only refer to the frame beneath the bar top and not to the display frame mounted above which will be 1 inch thick. Please click here for images of thicker frames and more information.

We are a small business that pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and business through word of mouth. We hope to work with you to ensure that you receive the product that’s right for you and your home/business. To speak to someone about placing an order or for any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

After receiving payment, someone from our workshop will contact you to discuss and finalise the details of your order before beginning work.