Dining Chair and Four Poster Bed on their way….

Currently working on a design for a dining chair. We have made a prototype but are looking to improve on it by splaying the legs more and using a narrower frame for the back. We’ll be producing these with timber seats and back rests made from reclaimed victorian floorboards… with a steel frame of 3/4 inch gas pipe they will have a more gentle feel to them than if they were made with 1 inch pipe and this will importantly reduce the weight of the frame.



The idea of a four poster bed has been in background for while, with time being the major factor in preventing it from reaching the website, we plan to use 1.5 inch gas pipe and offer a choice of materials for head and foot boards…. possible waney edged hardwoods as well as the reclaimed pine seen throughout the rest of the range. Very excited about the idea of having CNC routed patterns in the head board, meaning that clients could choose their own geometric designs or anything they can think of really to truly personalise the piece….. There is also a workshop near ours owned by a fabric worker and looking forward to getting them involved with dressing the bed and offering an option on the website for high quality fabric drapes.

trailing plants…. subtle lighting drilled into the steel…. modular bedside shelving systems…. many different ideas in the pipeline for this. Watch this space!

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